Floor Stripping and Waxing in Lancaster

Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

With all of the business men and women that travel in and out of offices in Lancaster, it’s no surprise that floors take a serious beating.

Are your VCT tiles looking scratched and yellowed? We have the equipment needed to strip off the old wax and polish your floors to a mirror shine. We can scrub or pressure wash your vinyl, durex floor or tile and grout and remove all of the ground in dirt and make it look like new.

While durable floors can withstand foot traffic better than carpet, many require a protective layer of wax to prevent stains. When your visitors and employees wear through the wax layer, stains, discoloration, and pitting can occcur.

Call us to get an estimate for removing (stripping) the current layer of wax and expertly laying a new one down.

Our special process of stripping and waxing floors in Lancaster has helped many businesses, schools, department stores, financial institutions, and more shine for their customers.

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