The Process of Floor Stripping and Waxing in 5 Steps

The Process of Floor Stripping and Waxing in 5 Steps

A recent study found that 94% of workers feel more productive in a clean environment. While decluttering your office space is an excellent start, nothing says clean like a fresh floor waxing. If you work in a commercial building, it’s not too late to get the shine back on your dull floors.

As a facility manager, you can generally have the job done in one day. Not only will workers feel better about their workplace, but the building owner will also appreciate the new life given to the floors.

So keep reading if you would like to liven up the office again. Learn how to get your floor stripping and waxing done with this five-step process.

1. Items You Need

If you want to do this job yourself, you need to shop for appropriate supplies. For example, knowing the correct floor wax depends on the floor material.

Hard wax will take extra muscle to rub into the floor with a soft cloth. Liquid wax gets applied with a mop, but floor waxing with any product not recommended could create issues.

You will also need to buy wax strippers, masks and gloves for safety, and all other tools for completing the work. The average facility manager or building owner would prefer the work done by a professional service.

2. Floor Stripping

Before performing a fresh floor waxing, it’s essential to remove all traces of old wax. Start by dust mopping the area to remove loose debris. Then, it’s time to put on a mask and gloves to protect against fumes and spills.

Working on a three-foot area at a time, apply the wax stripper until the wax loosens. A wet/dry vacuum is excellent for picking up the old wax and leftover debris. Yet, older floors may take a second effort of the same process.

3. Ventilation

The floor must then be mopped and dried before a fresh floor waxing is applied. The entire surface must dry free of residue stripping solution. A sealant can also get applied to fill in cracks or inconsistencies in the floor.

It’s best to open windows to let fresh air in but keep screens on so no outside debris gets to the floors. Large fans are also helpful for speeding up the drying process in humid conditions. Otherwise, the drying and ventilation take about thirty minutes.

4. Time for Floor Waxing

Wear a mask again for this process for safety. Hard wax requires a putty knife for smoothing down edges while applying with a cloth. Liquid wax is a straightforward process performed with a mop.

Yet, it’s best to apply at least three to five coats for a lasting finish. Liquid wax must be left to dry completely before the next coat goes on the floor.

5. Buffing the Wax Down

Professional floor services use buffing machines to bring back the shine from old and dull floors. The buffing process cures the wax substance into the floor for a more permanent finish. Finishing products are easy to use, but they are essential for producing the desired effect.

Now you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your fresh floor waxing. A lot of hard work creates a clean and finished floor in a commercial building. So if you want a professional floor waxing completed promptly, contact us today for a quote.


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